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Can I make my hair grow faster?

If we sometimes feel like a change in our lives, it can be something big like a new job, or a change of address, or even a new relationship, but sometimes we just want to change the way we look, and the easiest way to do this is with a change of hairstyle.

There are so many styles to choose from and many people look good with different styles, but when your hair is short and you get fed up with the look, the only way to really make a change is to grow your hair.

But that can take years to get the result I want!

So, can I make my hair grow faster?


That is a lot easier said than done if you are anything like me when I make a decision to do something.


I usually want it now…. as patience is not my virtue!


So if it is just a small change like a different colour or you decide to go from straight to curly or vice versa, then this is an easy thing to do, but when we make a decision to change the length of our hair then there are many months of waiting to go before we have the result we want.

Growing out of Layers!

Short hair usually has layers which are necessary for the style, and while it is short it looks great, but as those layers grow out they can often look messy and the style is lost altogether.

A common problem with growing hair is we don’t want to have it cut until we have reached the length we are looking for.    This is a mistake as the best thing to do for your hair is to cut it often to ensure it remains in a style we can manage while it is growing as well as keep it in a good condition especially to avoid split ends.


If the hair splits the ends become very weak and are at a greater risk of breaking off.

If this happens then all that waiting has been in vain!

Layers will often get to a stage when we find it difficult to manage our style.  It is no longer short but it is also too short to tie up,  as the ends escape from the clips and bands we use.

This is when it is very important to use hair products to keep the hair in place.

Always aim to use good quality styling products such as gel, mouse, styling creams and hairspray to manage unruly hair.

A change of style

It is best to have a couple of styles in mind for the different stages of growth while we are trying to reach our goal.

I usually find that by the time I have grown my hair to my required length, I  realise in my hast to get there, and when I look back  I prefer a style in mid length while it was growing.

But at the time I didn’t appreciate it.

 I said I was impatient, didn’t I!

Straightening your hair will also make it look longer, always make sure you use a great styling protector if you are going to straighten often while growing, as this will keep your hair in good condition which is critical for the end result.

It is sometimes a good idea to leave your hair to dry naturally for a few days as over processing will cause damage.

What to use to grow your hair

As I have mentioned in some of my other posts I often advocate taking vitamins to assist in keeping your hair in top condition.

Your hair grows about 1 cm (1/4 inch) every month.

Nothing will really make it grow any faster as this is the bodies own natural pace, but to avoid split ends and breakage from styling, it is vital to keep it in good condition, especially while growing out layers.

We all know by now that if we enjoy a diet of healthy food with lots of vegetables, fruit, protein and dairy we will be providing our bodies with the nutrients it requires to perform at its best.

Vitamins B7 and B5 are especially good for the growth and condition of your hair as explained here.

When we eat well, our hair, skin and nails are in great condition and will grow faster when in this state as well as be more resistant to breakage.

If you massage your head this will help to increase the blood flow to the scalp which will aid in increased cell renewal.  As the hair grows from the roots which are fed by blood in the hair follicle within the scalp,

This will be a good time to apply hot oil treatments, not only is it a wonderful time for you in the form of a great stress reliever, it will increase cell renewal and get your hair growing. See here for tips for hot oil treatments.


Remember to treat your hair as previously suggested with regular conditioning, deep conditioning treatments, masks as well as hot oil treatments.

The longer your hair grows the more care it needs.


Today’s life is often stressful and unfortunately, that’s just the way it is. But stress can cause havoc with the condition of your hair. It will also slow down the growth and can even result in hair loss.

Hair extensions

Of course, for those of us who are very impatient (like me!) we can always turn to hair extensions to get that instant long hair. Today there are so many great varieties of extensions to choose from which can be either weaved into the hair professionally or be purchased and clipped in yourself.

If you opt to do this at home try to purchase the hairpiece in the correct colour to suit your natural shade, and if required go to a salon to ask your stylist for their professional advice on the colour of your hair. It is easy to believe you may have dark brown hair when actually your hair maybe medium brown.  A professional will be able to tell you the correct colour and should have colour samples on hand to find a match.

Also remember when purchasing extensions, to buy natural human hair as this will blend in well with your real hair, to provide the desired result.

Here are my recommendations as to where you can go to buy quality extensions, as well as receive advice:

I hope you have enjoyed reading my tips on growing your hair and I welcome any comments you may have.

4 thoughts on “Can I make my hair grow faster?

  1. Wow Debbie…this is wonderful. I agree with all of this. Patience is key if you want to see significant changes to your hair growth. However if you’re not patient enough, there’s the option for hair extensions as you said. This is really good. keep it up.

    1. Hi Chizoba,
      It is wonderful to have instantly long hair when you feel like a change!
      Thank you for your encouragement, I really appreciate it.

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