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How to help cancer patients – a very generous act of kindness

Finding out you have cancer

I was recently very fortunate in witnessing one young ladies generous act of kindness helping cancer patients.

When you initially find out you have cancer, the news can be devastating, to say the least.

Not only will you have to cope with physical sickness and change in appearance, but there is the emotional side which takes you a roller coaster of moods as you try to accept the news that will turn your life upside down.

Patents will often go through feelings such as:-

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Worry
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hope
  • Loneliness
  • Gratitude
  • Acceptance

Anyone of us who has had to face any one of the above emotions will know that it takes great courage to overcome these feelings and to finally accept our situation.

Image what it must feel like to go through many if not all of these feelings while at the same time experiencing new routines in your life and medical treatments.

With many visits to the hospital, may be combined with the possibility that you may lose your position at work and your independence as you go through treatment or surgery and the increasing need to rely on the support of family and loved ones.

Hair loss

As we are all aware many cancer patients who receive chemotherapy treatment in the hope to fight the disease, often run the risk of losing their hair. This in itself can change their self-image and be soul-destroying for the patient.

Many patients will wear hats and scarves to hide the bald patches, others may turn to wear wigs to boost their self-confidence and image, with the need to keep some semblance of themselves.

Wigs which are made from synthetic materials can be very cost effective and allow for a low budget option but the most sort after, is, of course, human hair.

Human hair may be sold to make wigs.

Many people who make the decision to cut off their own long locks, often choose to donate their hair for charity.

The most popular being for cancer patients.

I was recently very fortunate to witness one young ladies very generous act of kindness when she cut her hair to donate it to a charity who sell to wig manufacturers to help cancer patients.

This is her story


Xavia Storm Dunstan who resides in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa is a wonderful, bright, spiritual young lady who obtains enormous joy from helping others in need.

She has spent many years growing her hair, her beautiful long curls, which is the envy of many of her friends, cascades almost to her waist.

While most girls her age are so concerned with their own self-image very few give a thought to those who are battling cancer and experiencing the horrors of treatment and body changes.

But Xavia is different!

She thought of the great feeling of joy and comfort in donating her hair would bring to someone suffering from cancer.

After all her hair will grow back!

She made contact with Lucinda Carter at CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) at their head office in Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

Lucinda outlined their requirements when donating hair as they need ensure it is suitable for use by the wig manufacturers.

As Xavia is a spiritual being, she looked at this as a complete offering. She read a passage of praise of which some is highlighted below and as well as offering a prayer for those who suffer from this dreadful disease.


With this beautiful generous gesture, someone who is suffering the unimaginable is given a little piece of respect dignity, care and comfort when receiving this wonderful gift.




We are not all blessed with beautiful long hair like Xavia, and we can’t all find the courage to crop our hair to provide this gift but there are many ways we can offer help.

Another way you may help patients who are in need is by donating personal possessions which are you no longer need such as clothing, appliances, furniture, books and so much more.


In Durban, we are fortunate to have a wonderful hospice.

The Highway Hospice

My Mum, although retired, works as a nursing sister at the Highway Hospice providing care to those who are terminally ill with cancer and other diseases.

It is like a home away from home with personal care for all the patients who are living their last months, weeks or days.

Or for those who families who care for their loved ones at home and need a rest bite for a few days.

The staff are dedicated to the nursing unit, as well as those who are providing support and counselling for the families. There are also many who help with the charity shop and sales to raise money for this worthy cause.

We are all blessed to have these people in our lives giving so much of themselves to help others.


If you would like to make a donation to the various organisations to offer your help please click on the links provided below.

Cansa South Africa

American Cancer Society

Cancer Research UK

The Highway Hospice

Thank you so much for reading my article.

I hope this has given some of you inspiration to become more involved and offer help.

I would be honoured to hear your story, if you know anyone who is suffering from this dreadful disease, or if you have helped in some way to provide comfort to those suffering.

Please feel free to comment and share this story so we can all help in the fight against cancer.

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